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Glossary of Terms

Associated Colleges. Colleges linked to universities.

Colleges. Places of learning for job related or vocational education. A wide spread of courses from basic levels of training to entry to university.

Essays.  Written work based on their courses to be presented to their tutors.

Foundation.  One year course taken after leaving school in order to gain entry to a full university degree course. These courses are offered  by universities and their associated colleges.

Further Education ( FE ). Education in UK usually after the age of sixteen years . There are different levels of learning from very basic skills and many are concerned with work related training for commerce or industry. FE is  often provides an entry to university. There are many practical courses at a high level for technicians and business employees and managers.

IELTS  International English Language Testing System.  An English language requirement for entry to UK Further and Higher education usually known as the IELTS test.

Higher Education ( HE ).  Education in UK at university level. This is the highest level of of education and courses vary from Certificates through first degrees to post graduate degrees and doctorates achieved by a very high standard of research in any academic field.

Information Technology ( IT ). Subjects taught at all levels  from school to university concerned with all aspects of programming and operating computers or using data and systems generated by the use of computers for business or technical developments.

Keyboard Skills.  Learning how to use a computer keyboard and develop the basic understanding of operating a computer.

MBA ( Master of Business Administration ) A degree awarded after  successfully completing a practical course of training and updating of business skills. Students must show that they have a good education after school and a few years relevant work experience before being accepted for an MBA. It is not necessary to hold a first degree to apply for an MBA course although it is normal to have one.

Post Graduate.  Studies towards a higher degree undertaken after the first level degree or equivalent has been completed. Post Graduates is the name given to students who have completed their first degrees and are studying for a higher qualification.

Schools in UK.  Places of learning for the education of children between the ages of five and eighteen years. Sometimes departments dealing with one area of studies such as engineering within universities and colleges are called schools.

School Leaving Certificate.  A final certificate or qualification gained on completion of secondary education at school such as the Thanawiya Ama in Arab countries or the Indian Level 12 certificate.

Secondary Education.  Usually schooling for children between the ages of eleven and eighteen.

TOEFL.  Teaching of English as a Foreign Language.  Also the name of a test of English Language levels used for entry to colleges and universities in the US and the UK.

Under Graduate.  Studies towards a first degree after leaving secondary education. Undergraduates is the name given to students who are studying for their first degree.

Universities in UK.  Places of higher learning. There are approximately one hundred universities in UK.

Vocational Courses.  Usually practical courses concerned with the world of work.

Word Processing.  Using a computer to prepare many different types of documents for academic, business or recreational reasons.